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Sligro Food Group Profile


Sligro Food Group encompasses food retail and foodservice companies that sell directly and indirectly to the entire food and beverages market in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Sligro Food Group consists of foodservice companies in the Netherlands and Belgium who are active in the wholesale market for food and drink with a total package of food and food-related non-food products.

 We are the industry leader in the Netherlands and, using a national network of cash-and-carry wholesale outlets and delivery centres, we focus on small and large-scale hospitality establishments, recreation, caterers, bulk consumers, company restaurants, gas stations, small and medium-sized enterprises, small-scale retail companies and the institutional market.

In a long-term strategic partnership with Heineken, Sligro handles the exclusive distribution of Heineken draught beers in the Netherlands.

 On the institutional market, we operate under the name Van Hoeckel, in the remaining market segments under the name Sligro. Sligro and Van Hoeckel both have a commercial organisation that is specifically aimed at their respective markets and make operational use of a joint (delivery) network.

In Belgium, JAVA Foodservice focuses primarily on the institutional, company catering and hotel chains market segments within the Belgian foodservice market. Sligro-ISPC is the catering specialist and delivers innovative and qualitative food and non-food products to the gastronomic professional. Sligro-ISPC possesses combined cash-and-carry wholesale outlets and delivery-service outlets in Antwerp, Gent and Luik. They focus primarily on bulk consumers and other segments of the catering market. Two formulas, Sligro-ISPC and JAVA Foodservice, with their own commercial organisation and a joint delivery structure and shared services.

Sligro Food Group has their own production facilities for specialised convenience products, fish and patisserie and catering products. Additionally, they are involved with Fresh Partners for meat, game and poultry, fruit and vegetables and bread and pastries, which services both the Dutch and Belgian market.

Our clients can have access to around 75,000 food and food-related non-food products. Several other services are included in this.
The Group mainly buys the specific foodservice products in-house. Additionally, part of the procurement is delegated to CIV Superunie B.A.

Within the Sligro Food Group companies, we strive intensively to share knowledge and harness substantial synergy and scale advantages. Primarily client-oriented activities take place in all of the countries and parts of the companies. By combining our central procurement with a direct and detailed category and margin management, we aim to realize increasing gross margins and offer a unique and innovative assortment. We manage operational costs through an integral supply chain and permanent attention to cost management. Group synergy is further improved by central management and management of our ICT landscape, a central approach and direction of master data management and centrally established talent and management development.

Sligro Food Group strives to be a quality establishment of constant and controlled growth for all its stakeholders. In the year 2018, we realised a turnover of € 2,346 million with a net profit of € 276million. The average number of staff on a fulltime basis is 6,741. The shares of Sligro Food Group are recorded at Euronext Amsterdam. The main office of the Group is located in Veghel, The Netherlands.

Sligro Food Group strives to be a high-quality company achieving steady, managed growth for all its stakeholders. Sales in 2017 totalled €2,346 million, generating a net profit of €276 million. The average number of employees on a full-time basis was 6,741. Sligro Food Group shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam.