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Sligro Food Group Belgium receives support from ESF and VCF

As a family-run business, JAVA Foodservice can look back on more than 90 years of tradition and experience. Through the acquisition and incorporation of Sligro Food Group Belgium, the organisation was reorganised and, as an umbrella organisation, Sligro Food Group Belgium now includes a number of shared services, such as HR, IT, Finance and Purchasing. As a result of this new organisational structure, JAVA Foodservice and Sligro Food Group Belgium have developed a project aimed at achieving a sustainable career management policy.

The aim of this project is to ensure that the continuous growth of our organisation is combined with the growth of each of its employees. More specifically, we want to make this growth sustainable by, on the one hand, encouraging employee involvement and on the other, by giving every employee the opportunity to develop and be supported and valued by their managers.

In order to bring this two-year project to a successful conclusion, JAVA Foodservice and Sligro Food Group Belgium are receiving support from the European Union and the Flemish government. In addition to the substantial investment we are making ourselves, we can count on the financial support of the ESF (European Social Fund) and the VCF (Flemish Co-financing Fund).

This financial impulse in the HR policy will lead to concrete results and ensure that every employee of JAVA is an ambassador for Sligro Food Group Belgium and feels supported to grow sustainably in and with the organisation.